How digital marketing assists in the growth of any business?

What is Digital Marketing?

Definition of Digital Marketing

We can no longer think of marketing without digital. A company cannot limit itself to traditional marketing these days (events, PR, TV, Radio…).

Digital marketing includes all the techniques and methods used to promote a service or a product via digital media.

Digital Marketing is everywhere and there are many digital marketing channels:

  • Websites (merchant site, blog, etc.)
  • Social Networks
  • Search Engines Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engines Advertising (SEA)
  • Inbound Marketing (content, lead nurturing, etc.)
  • Mobile Applications (Mobile Marketing)
  • Affiliate Marketing / Referral Marketing
  • Email Marketing

These are the result of growing new digital technologies and devices: computers at first and now smartphones, connected devices, video games, voice assistants etc..

Goals of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is useful to raise brand awareness and introduce the products or services you offer to your target market.

It’s also a great way to get to know and connect with your potential customers. It has never been as easy to connect with clients, receive feedback and engage in meaningful conversations.

There are many ways to make digital marketing work:

  1. attract more traffic to your website
  2. convert visitors and acquire new clients
  3. retain current customers
  4. raise brand awareness

The advantages of Digital Marketing

So why exactly do you need to focus on your digital marketing?

First of all, Digital Marketing is accessible to ALL businesses, regardless of their size or industry. Indeed, it is much easier to control the costs generated by a digital marketing campaign. Unlike offline marketing. Calculating ROI or “Return on Investment” is very easy using the statistics tools on a website or with the help of metrics on social media.

Also, if you have started a business or if you want to test a new product offer, digital marketing allows you to quickly test your idea. Your product doesn’t even have to exist physically, you can gage public sentiment on your idea. All you need is a landing page and an advertising strategy. Online marketing allows you to be very specific as far as who you’re showing your content to.

The web allows you to broaden your geographic scope: the entire country (the entire world even) can discover your solutions at any time of the day!

Your customers have never been so close to you on social media. Internet users allow you to build a community concerned with your products and services.

Through interactions on your posts or through the use of private messaging, your customers can talk to you. You can ask their opinion on your offer or the creation of a product. The customer/company relationship is completely transformed!